2014 Democratic Candidates

Alabama Voter's Coalition has provided you with each of the candidates that have qualified with the State Democratic Party as of Friday, February 7, 2014. Each of these candidates will appear on the June 3, 2014 
(Primary Ballot).   


Primary Election: June 3, 2014
General Election: November 4, 2014
Polls open 7:00am - 7:00pm (Entire State of Alabama)


 Statewide Offices:                                                        

                Governor                                            Parker Griffith

                Governor                                            Kevin Bass
                Attorney General                             Joe Hubbard

                Lt. Governor                                      James C. Fields, Jr. 

                Secretary of State                            Lula Albert-Kaigler

             State Auditor                                     Miranda Karrine Joseph

               Treasurer                                            Joe Cottle

               Com. Of Agriculture and Industries         Doug 'New Blue' Smith

                AL School Board 4                            Yvette M. Richardson


(Alabama State Senate Candidates)


                State Senator 01                               Earl Gardner
                State Senator 01                               Mike Curtis

                State Senator 04                               Angelo "Doc" Mancuso               

               State Senator 06                               Roger Bedford, Jr

              State Senator 07                               Rhonda "Rose" Gaskin
              State Senator 07                               Michell J. Howie


                State Senator 08                               Randy Bruce Money
                State Senator 08                               Horace Clemmons 

                State Senator 10                               Larry Means 

                State Senator 11                               Ron Crumpton


                State Senator 12                               Taylor Stewart 

                State Senator 13                               Darrell Turner 

                State Senator 16                               Cindy Bell


                State Senator 18                               Rodger Smitherman         

                State Senator 19                               Priscilla Dunn 

                State Senator 20                               Linda Coleman 

                State Senator 21                               Phil Poole          

                State Senator 22                               Marc Keahey    

                State Senator 23                               Robert W. Green
                State Senator 23                               Hank Sanders 

                State Senator 24                               Bobby Singleton 

                State Senator 26                               Quinton T. Ross 

                State Senator 27                               Haylee Moss 

                State Senator 28                               Billy Beasley 

                State Senator 31                               Larry Greenwood 

                State Senator 33                               Vivian Davis Figures               

                State Senator 35                               Beau Doolittle


(Alabama State Representative Candidates)


                 State Representative 001             Greg Burdine

                 State Representative 002             Andrew  "Andy" Betterton

                State Representative 003             Marcel Black

                State Representative 005             Henry A. White

                State Representative 007             Jody Letson

                State Representative 008             Rex Cheatham

                State Representative 016             Daniel H. Bowman

                State Representative 017             Don Barnwell

                State Representative 018             Johnny Mack Morrow

                State Representative 019             Laura Hall

                State Representative 021             Patrick A. Jones
                State Representative 021             C. Terry Jones

               State Representative 022             Dennis W. Stephens

               State Representative 023             Jim Green
               State Representative 023             John Robinson

               State Representative 024             David Beddingfield

                State Representative 027             Jeff McLaughlin

                State Representative 028             Craig Ford

                State Representative 029             Michael J. Gladden

                State Representative 032             Barbara Bigsby Boyd

                State Representative 033             Anthony Zachero

                State Representative 035             Stephanie Engle

                State Representative 037             Josh Burns

                State Representative 039             Richard Lindsey

                State Representative 040             Ted Copeland
                State Representative 040             Lindsay Ford

                State Representative 047             Salvatore Bambinelli

                State Representative 052             John W. Rogers, Jr.
                State Representative 052             Patrick Sellers

                State Representative 053             Anthony Daniels

                State Representative 054             Patricia Todd
                State Representative 054             Chris Cummings
                State Representative 054             Lawrence Conaway

                State Representative 055             Eric Major
                State Representative 055             Roderick "Rod" Scott

                State Representative 056             Lawrence McAdory
                State Representative 056             Louise Alexander

                State Representative 057             Merika Coleman

                State Representative 058             Oliver Robinson

                State Representative 059             Mary Moore
                State Representative 059             William A. Barnes
                State Representative 059             Chris Davis

                State Representative 060             Juandalynn "LeLe" Givan
               State Representative 060              Arthur D. Shores Lee

               State Representative 065             Elaine Beech

               State Representative 067             Darrio Melton

               State Representative 068             Thomas E "Action" Jackson

               State Representative 069             Kelvin J. Lawrence

               State Representative 070             Christopher John England


                State Representative 071             Artis (A.J.) McCampbell
                State Representative 071             Wesley J. Hodges

                State Representative 072             James E.Carter
                State Representative 072             Patrick S. Arrington
                State Representative 072             Ralph A. Howard
                State Representative 072             Thomas O. Moore


                 State Representative 074             Zack Buckner

                 State Representative 075             Therese Ford

                State Representative 076             Tracy Larkin
                State Representative 076             Maurice Rollins
                State Representative 076             Thad McClammy 

                State Representative 077             John Knight

                State Representative 078             Alvin Holmes

                State Representative 079             Shirley Scott-Harris

                State Representative 081             Dylan V. Oliver

                State Representative 082             Pebblin W. Warren

                State Representative 083             Ronnie Reed
                State Representative 083             George "Tootie" Bandy

                State Representative 084             Berry Forte

                State Representative 085             Dexter Grimsley

                State Representative 089             Joel Lee Williams

                State Representative 090             Walton Hickman

                State Representative 093             Jennifer Marsden

                State Representative 097             Adline C. Clarke

                State Representative 098             Darren Flott
                State Representative 098             Napoleon Bracy, Jr.

                State Representative 099             James E. Buskey
                State Representative 099             Henry A. Haseeb

                State Representative 103             Charlie L. Staten
                State Representative 103             Barbara Drummond


(Congressional Seats)


 Congressional 2nd District                          Erick Wright

 Congressional 3rd District                           Jesse T. Smith


Congressional 7th District                           Terri A. Sewell
Congressional 7th District                           Tamara Harris Johnson


( County Judicial Races)

Judicial 26th       Judicial Circuit, Place 2                                    David Johnson

Judicial Circuit Judge Jefferson Co Place 3                                Everett W. Wess 

Judicial Circuit Judge, 10th Judicial Circuit Pl 10                     Charles H. Boohaker

Judicial Circuit Judge, 10th Judicial Circuit Pl 3                       Martin Weinberg

Judicial Circuit Judge, 26th Judicial Circuit                               April Lancaster Logan-Russell


Judicial Circuit Judge 10th Place 10                                            Pat Ballard

Judicial Circuit Judge 15th Place 9                                              Johnny Hardwick


Judicial Circuit Judge Jefferson County Place 10                     Wyndall A. Ivey

Judicial Circuit Judge Jefferson County Place 10                     Perryn Carroll


Judicial Circuit Judge, 15th Cir Place 4(Montgomery)           J.R. Gaines

Judicial Circuit Judge, 15th Cir Place 6 (Montgomery)          Gene Reese

Judicial Circuit Judge, 15th Cir Place 7(Montgomery)           Bob Bailey


Judicial Circuit Judge, 38th Cir Place 2 (Jackson)                   Jenifer C. Holt 

Judicial Circuit Judge, Place 4 (Tuscaloosa)                            John Henry England, Jr.

Judicial District Judge Butler County                                       J. Macdonald "Mack" Russell, Jr.

Judicial District Judge Cherokee Co.                                        Sheri W. Carver

Judicial District Judge Greene County                                     Nick Underwood

Judicial District Judge Lamar County                                       Alex Brown

Judicial District Judge Macon Co                                              Deborah H. Biggers

Judicial District Judge Macon Co                                              Linda W.H. Henderson

Judicial District Judge Macon Co                                              Lateefah Muhammad

Judicial District Judge Macon Co                                              Katy Smith Campbell

 Judicial District Judge Pickens County                                   Lance Bailey

Judicial District Judge Place 1(Jefferson Co.)                        John E. Amari

Judicial District Judge Place 2(Jefferson Co.)                        Shanta Owens

Judicial District Judge Sumter Co.                                           Tammy Jackson Montgomery 

Judicial District Judge Talledega Co. 2 (Southern Division)        M.Ryan Rumsey

Judicial District Judge, Greene County                                           Lillie Jones-Osborne

Judicial District Judge, Montgomery Co, Place 1                         Jimmy Pool

Judicial District Judge, Tallapoosa Co.                                           Clayton Kim Taylor

Judicial District Jusdge Dekalb Co.                                                  Steve Whitmire

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